Intelligent document analysis in secure way.

Analyzing your document by GPT agents in secure way. DOC BRO will help understand your documents quickly.

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Everything you need to understand your documents.

All the essentials for document analysis and insight, minus the complexities you don't need to worry about.

Create insights from your documents with AI. DOC BRO will help you understand your documents quickly. Ask questions in natural language and get answers in seconds.

Frequently asked questions

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    • Where are the data stored during the processing and analysis by DOC BRO?

      DOC BRO stores the data in a secure cloud environment, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the data. The data is processed within this secure environment, and the results are then presented to the user.

    • How is the security of the Large Language Model ensured within the Azure environment?

      Our implementation of the Large Language Model operates on dedicated Azure / AWS instances, separate from the common LLM API, ensuring enhanced security. All data processed by LLM are confined to this secure environment and are not utilized for the training of LLM models, thereby maintaining data integrity and confidentiality.

    • Which LLM models are supported by DOC BRO?

      DOC BRO is currently compatible with Azure OpenAI and AWS Bedrock (Claude, Mistral, Titan), but other models can be integrated very easily (including custom models like Llama 2). Google Gemini is on the roadmap.